Pages: 456 pages
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2006)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0156032674


Editorial Reviews

"A deft curator, Hirsch shows you the best vantage point from which to view the [more than] 130 poems in this invaluable guide."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


"In this loving, enthusiastic guide, one experienced reader’s warmth and openheartedness help to unlock the treasure of poetry for a world of readers."

O, The Oprah Magazine


“Hirsch remains much the same enthusiast, much the same writer of the apt summation, the memorable insight, but now less explicitly the teacher and more, with the reader, a partner in delight."

America: The National Catholic Weekly


"If many of [Hirsch's] choices here are about loss, there's an almost playful quality to the scope of the selections. He focuses on everything from poems by international writers unfamiliar to most mainstream readers, to poems about sports, Nebraska, insomnia, and New York City. . . . The unifying thread is his pleasure in telling us about them. If one of the great joys of reading poetry is sharing your favorites, talking about them and trading them like baseball cards, Hirsch can count himself as a lucky man."

The Arizona Republic


"[Hirsch] presents his personal overview of poets and their works from the ancients to today."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette



"Combine passionate intellect and boyish enthusiasm and you have Edward Hirsch."

Monterey County Herald


"Here is one poet's deep and terribly personal engagement with the poetry of others, rendered with the electricity of one who truly believes that 'poetry speaks with the greatest intensity against the effacement of individuals, the obliteration of communities, the destruction of nature. . . Poetry is a necessary part of our planet.' He is every bit as dedicated to poets in translation, from Borges to Basho and Li Po, as he is to poets in his own language. And his short pieces around these poems . . . are exemplary in their clarity, passion and precision. And a very personal choice this is, from Aztec poets to his lesser-known American contemporaries."

The Buffalo News


"In the elegant and precious Poet’s Choice, Edward Hirsch, a prominent poet, critic and educator, uses the work of. . . different poets to illustrate to the average reader how to appreciate diverse pieces of poetry."

Deseret Morning News


"Hirsch includes the work of more than 130 poets from across the globe and across centuries, with poems from the ancients alongside those of the most contemporary of poets creating a pleasurable introduction to poetry. Using an essay form with stanzas embedded, he makes coherent arguments and offers excellent illustrations of how each work and the human experience are intertwined. A mini-course in world poetry, this accessible, learned, and relevant book is highly recommended."

Library Journal


"With Poet’s Choice, [Hirsch] offers a delightful tutorial in both classic and contemporary verse."



"Eclectic and idiosyncratic, Hirsch's choices are unified by astute excerpting and keen commentary."

Publishers Weekly


"Hirsch, a natural-born teacher as well as a poet, shares his extraordinary erudition and love for poetry with lucidity and intensity, empathically summarizing the lives of poets past and present, and offering poems to readers as though they are food or benedictions, gossip or prescriptions. . . . Hirsch's aesthetic is unerring, and his interpretations are profound as he considers our 'collective destiny' and takes measure of poetry's encompassing vision."




Pages: 456 pages
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 978-0156032674