“Edward Hirsch’s gifts include an emotional richness coupled with a precise sense of language and metaphor, which makes his best poems wonderful to read.” —Stephen Dobyns, New York Times Book Review

Pages: 96 pages
Publisher: Knopf (1989)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0679722991

My Grandmother’s Bed

How she pulled it out of the wall
To my amazement. How it rattled and
Creaked, how it sagged in the middle
And smelled like a used-clothing store.
I was ecstatic to be sleeping on wheels!

It rolled when I moved; it trembled
When she climbed under the covers
In her flannel nightgown, kissing me
Softly on the head, turning her back.
Soon I could hear her snoring next to me–

Her clogged breath roaring in my ears,
Filling her tiny apartment like the ocean
Until I, too, finally swayed and slept
While a radiator hissed in the corner
And traffic droned on Lawrence Avenue. . . .

I woke up to the color of light pouring
Through the windows, the odor of soup
Simmering in the kitchen, my grandmother’s
Face. It felt good to be ashore again
After sleeping on rocky, unfamiliar waves.
I loved to help her straighten the sheets
And lift the Murphy back into the wall.
It was like putting the night away
When we closed the wooden doors again
And her bed disappeared without a trace.


Edward Hirsch Reading in the 2008 Dodge Poetry Festival Saturday Night Sampler

Edward Hirsch: Poets Writing Prose

Recorded at Poets Forum 2014 as part of our Chancellors Conversations—a series of intimate talks during which the Chancellors of the Academy of American Poets examine issues central to poetry today. In this video, Edward Hirsch, who writes both poetry and prose, discusses the qualities of each genre and how a piece of writing takes its form.


“Hirsch possesses an uncanny vividness of memory springing, it seems, from an infinite fund of affection and sadness…There is a wonderful simplicity and clarity in the best of these poems.”
—Liz Rosenberg, Philadelphia Inquirer

Straightforward and precise, these poems…beckon the reader with their immediacy…With humility and passion, Hirsch illuminates the contradictory resilience and weakness of the human spirit.”
—Publishers Weekly


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